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Auto Glass Repair and Installation Blog

Windshield Replacement for An Older Vehicle

An older-model vehicle can be tough to repair. A lot of companies don’t make the same parts as they used to, which makes locating a replacement a job in and of itself. Whether you’re driving a ’66 or an ’88, wherever you go, you need a safe vehicle. For that, you need...

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FAQs About Mobile Windshield Repair

Most people are pretty content with their windshield. If you’re lucky, you’ll never need a replacement or need to schedule mobile windshield repairs on short notice. However, accidents can and do happen. Thankfully, we’re here to answer a few mobile windshield repair...

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Mobile Windshield Repair for Stranded Cars

Being stranded on the side of the road because of a broken windshield can really put a damper on your day. If you attempt to drive, you’re both a hazard to yourself and to the world around you. Thankfully, you can call Advanced Glass Systems for mobile windshield...

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The Key Differences Between OEM and Aftermarket Glass

When the time comes to replace your car windshield, you’re faced with your first difficult decision. Do you choose OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshield or an aftermarket windshield? It’s a tough choice. The decision typically comes down to your insurance...

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How to Identify Faulty Windshield Installation

Your windshield is responsible for keeping both you and your family safe. Windshield installation companies are responsible for the very same, and the slightest mistake made while installing a new windshield could be deadly. If you suspect a faulty windshield,...

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