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Choosing between clear glass and frosted glass is a fun design-and-functionality decision for your next home or office project. Whether you are looking to remodel your bathroom or just want a different type of window or sliding glass door, there are pros and cons to each type of glass.

We’re going to list the top advantages of clear glass and frosted glass, along with some realities of each as well so you can make the best decision for your redesign.

Clear Glass

Clear glass, as the name suggests, is designed to be clear. It’s created and manufactured without any tint or etching, making it completely transparent. Clear glass allows for full vision and does not distort natural light or color.


  • Gives the illusion that a space is larger (makes a space look more open, which is especially helpful in a smaller bathroom or kitchen space)
  • Brightens a space (no obstruction of light and enables light to shine through)
  • Stylish through the ages (clear glass is not only a modern design aspect but also will not go out of style — it’s sleek, simple, and timeless)


  • Not much privacy, and others can see through too (especially in the shower, and for doors and windows, curtains or blinds will be needed)
  • More attention to cleaning is needed (water spots, finger smudges, and streaks are all the reality of clear glass, and it can look dirty quick)
  • There is a level of safety issues (for example, people with depth perception issues or vision impairment might have problems differentiating a clear glass door from an open door — there are incidents of people walking into clear glass doors and injuring themselves if they are not careful)

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass, also as the name suggests, is designed to look frosted. It’s created by a method of sandblasting or acid etching. The patterns in the glass scatter light, which means people cannot see clearly through the glass. Light is still able to pass through the glass, but it obscures visibility so that images are blurry and nondescript.


  • More privacy (frosted glass is a popular design with showers and front doors)
  • Additional shades, blinds, and curtains might not be needed (if you’re not worried about shutting out the light, frosted glass doors and windows can go without covering because privacy is not an issue)
  • Many etching design options (frosted glass comes in a variety of textures and patterns and can be a statement piece in a room)
  • Less cleaning (because of the patterns in the glass, things like water marks and streaks do not show up as easily)
  • Just as functional as clear glass
  • Easy to identify the door and no confusion if a door is open or closed (in comparison to the final con of clear glass door safety issues above)


  • Does not add depth to a space (frosted glass shower doors, for example, close off the space seen by the depth of the shower, so they can actually give the illusion that a bathroom is smaller)
  • Does not add as much light to a space (frosted glass scatters light and does not allow as much light into a space, so this can make a room darker and also smaller)

Glass Windows and Doors

Regardless of whether you choose clear glass or frosted glass, you want to make sure the window design is solid. Glass is a great construction material that does not corrode or rust, but there are differences in quality.

For shower doors, the glass should be thick and durable enough to hold up to moisture and constant water flow. During the installation, the glass should be well sealed against the frame to eliminate leaks and reduce the area’s susceptibility to mold and mildew.

For exterior windows and doors, glass should be rated for the outside and should help make the home or building more energy efficient. Windows and doors have the ability to let in a ton of unnecessary heat, which raises AC costs, so owners should check that exterior glass is insulated, is dual or triple-pane, and is rated appropriately for reducing thermal transfer.

Exterior windows and doors are typically made of tempered glass, making them less likely to shatter. They should be durable enough to hold up to the elements and constant opening and closing. Just like a shower door, exterior glass windows and doors should be professionally sealed, and seals should be inspected annually and replaced as needed.

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