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Weather Safety in Your Car This Fall/Winter

Know These Weather Safety Tips Before You Drive Fall and winter are possibly the two most beautiful seasons. You can hike under the changing leaves, or sled down a local hill. No matter what you like to do, there’s something for everyone at the end of the year. But,...

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Traveling with Pets This Holiday

No lie, it can be hard travel with pets, the furry or feathered members of your family are a high concern. Being cramped in a car with humans is bad enough most of the time – add in a hyper dog or a yowling cat, and “miserable” just got a whole new definition....

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Fall for Hiking This Autumn

Plan Ahead When Going Hiking Just imagine it: driving through the mountains, the fall foliage glowing with vibrant colors. Your friends clamor to be out of the car, or you family exclaims about the view through the windshield as you come to the top of a rise. You’re...

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Teens vs Windshields

Windshields Are No Match For Teens And the winner is? Teens. Yeah. Teens beat windshields, every time. Teens are rough on cars. Boy, do we know that. Teenagers speed. They only signal as an afterthought once they start the turn. “Stop” actually reads “Stop only if you...

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3 Things to Think About Before Renting a Car

If you are traveling out of town, you may think that renting a car can save you a bundle instead of taking your own vehicle. And you may be right, but only in certain conditions. The only way to know for sure is to run all the math--and consider all the possible...

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The Steps to Changing a Tire

While changing a tire was a skill many had in days gone by, in recent years it has become less of a necessity and more of a “if I ever have the time to learn” topic. With the constant connectivity available from modern cell phones, a stranded driver is almost always...

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