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Auto Glass Repair and Installation Blog

Appropriate Care Guide for a New Windshield

With a brand-new windshield firmly in place, chances are you want to take care of your new glass. After all, we all want to drive safely. Knowing how to care for a new windshield is step number one in windshield replacement. Wait at least an hour to drive the vehicle....

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Should You Buy Used Auto Glass?

We’re all trying to save a bit of money. Maybe you want to take your family on a vacation, or you’re saving up for a new vehicle. But if you try to cut corners to save a few bucks on vehicle maintenance, think twice before buying used auto glass from a local junkyard...

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Your Sunroof is at Risk of Exploding—Seriously!

When you’re buying a new car, chances are you’re mostly in the gas mileage and the car’s reliability. Still, having a sunroof is quite nice, too. The chance to get the wind in your hair without buying a convertible is a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, a recent...

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Windshield Replacement for An Older Vehicle

An older-model vehicle can be tough to repair. A lot of companies don’t make the same parts as they used to, which makes locating a replacement a job in and of itself. Whether you’re driving a ’66 or an ’88, wherever you go, you need a safe vehicle. For that, you need...

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FAQs About Mobile Windshield Repair

Most people are pretty content with their windshield. If you’re lucky, you’ll never need a replacement or need to schedule mobile windshield repairs on short notice. However, accidents can and do happen. Thankfully, we’re here to answer a few mobile windshield repair...

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Mobile Windshield Repair for Stranded Cars

Being stranded on the side of the road because of a broken windshield can really put a damper on your day. If you attempt to drive, you’re both a hazard to yourself and to the world around you. Thankfully, you can call Advanced Glass Systems for mobile windshield...

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