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What Causes Windshield PittingYou have likely heard someone use the term ‘windshield pitting’ in the past. Perhaps you’re unclear of its meaning. Essentially, when you’re driving down the road and the sun hits the windshield just right and blinds you, it’s likely caused by windshield pitting. Pitting is a natural form of wear on an auto windshield. It is often caused by sand, dust, or debris from the road. Over time, the glass will wear down in patches. These patches catch the light just so, causing temporary blindness or sunspots.

If you happen to drive along the highway each day, then windshield pitting is likely occurring faster than you think. With more vehicles on the road, the likelihood of sand, dirt, and debris scratching away at the glass is increased tenfold.

Furthermore, the more pits your windshield has, the less secure the glass becomes. Eventually, it becomes a safety hazard.

How to Handle Windshield Pitting

Unfortunately, there is no surefire repair solution for windshield pitting or worn glass. Your best option, and perhaps the only solution, is to replace the entire windshield. If the pits are minor or just starting to form, the glass can be smoothed over. It’s not a guaranteed fix, though, so this case may require replacement.

If you plan on searching for DIY methods, try not to get your hopes up too high. There are videos and blogs telling drivers that polishing the glass or filling in the pits will resolve the issue. This information is incorrect and could pose an additional hazard.

If you experience windshield pitting, call an auto glass repair service.

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