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Whether it’s a window in a kitchen, the windshield of a car, or a window in a motorhome, leaks can happen and cause a mess. Leaks can be actual streams of water dripping down a windowpane or something smaller that appears as humidity or fog. The water might not even show up on the window at all, but someone might notice a wet seat or carpet next to the window.

Water leaks are not only annoying to clean, but they can also cause serious damage to the inside of a car, RV, or home. Damage does not just affect interior walls, paint, and carpet but also personal items that do not do well when wet. In addition, when a space is damp or water pools in a single place, larger issues like mold, mildew, and rot can develop quickly.

The bottom line is that windows are supposed to keep water out, so if you have a leak, it’s best to address the problem immediately before it becomes a larger problem.

Why Do Windows Leak?

Window panes do not need to have physical damage like cracks or breaks to cause water to seep inside. In most situations, the issue is actually with the material or sealant around the window.

When you think about how a window is designed and installed, you basically have a piece of glass blocking a hole that has been intentionally cut into a house or vehicle. That piece of glass needs to be held in place in order for it to do its job. Not only that, but a lot of effort goes into sealing any gaps between the window and the side of a car or building.

The main culprits of a leaking window include the following:

  • Damaged or cracked sealant or caulk around a window
  • Poorly installed windows
  • Poorly sealed windows
  • Cracked window near or under the seam making the damage difficult to see
  • Missing sealant completely

While the list above applies to leaky windows in both a home or vehicle, there are a few other issues that can cause window leaks specifically in a building:

  • What might look like a leaky window is actually a leaky wall that has cracked around the window installed
  • Missing overhangs or damaged overhangs that cause excess water to pool around window sills and then seep inside or warp the window structure
  • The window is not shut and/or locked in place correctly (while this might seem simple, remember that windows in homes often have additional features like slides and locks and they can open sideways, outward, inward, up, or down)

Water loves to find any weak point or opening in a building or seal, and once it’s found its way in, it’s difficult to keep out. It’s recommended to check windows and seals regularly to catch problems early.

Signs of a Leaking Window

Water streaming down a window inside the house or car is not good and is a pretty obvious sign of a leak. When water hits a window, it is supposed to stay outside, so any water inside is a sign of a problem.

However, sometimes a leaky window does not appear as a physical drip or stream of water, but there are some telltale signs you can watch out for.

Below is a list of some other things that can appear when there is a leaky window:

  • Noticing a new musty smell in a vehicle or in a particular area of a home
  • No physical water is seen, but there are water marks or stains on or around a window
  • Pools of water under a window on the window sill or on the floor
  • Water pooling on floorboards that is not caused by wet shoes
  • Foggy windows on the inside
  • Foggy window panes or noticing water between interior and exterior window panes
  • Mold or mildew accumulating around a window or on a windowpane
  • Damp car seats or carpet that is not caused by wet shoes

More often than not, if there is an actual drip or obvious water stream, you can follow it to the source of the leak issue. If there is another sign like those listed above, finding the actual source of the leak might be a little trickier, and it might be time to call in some professional help.

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