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As our name suggests, we’re definitely pros at auto glass services, but we also know a thing or two about residential glass services. Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen space or about to dive into a full kitchen remodel? While a lot of kitchen remodeling designs focus on new cabinets, flooring, and counters, we want to focus on windows! If you’ve already decided to install new windows, give Advanced Auto Glass a call today!

Some Words of Caution:

Before we unleash you to the world of Pinterest and Home Improvement, keep in mind that adding more windows is a significant structural change for your home, so it’s suggested to consult or even hire a remodeling contractor or company before busting holes in your walls. While totally redoing a space is tempting, replacing what you already have structurally in place is also a really nice change, so we’ll leave the ultimate interior design decisions to you. Have fun!

Get the Creative Juices Flowing

New windows and glass doors in a kitchen and dining room area can really add light and character to a space (not to mention the “let in the fresh air” clean feel), and they are our favorite features in a house.

Do you have windows that are cracked, broken, or scratched? All of these issues make a space look outdated, can be a safety hazard, and affect the functionality of a window. Sometimes all you need is something brand new to liven up a kitchen! In the summer, new windows that open correctly will add ventilation to your space, but in the winter, new windows that close correctly will decrease the amount of air drafts (and save you money by not letting heat escape).

Natural light and the ability to look outside make a space look bigger, so if you feel like your kitchen is on the smaller or darker side, adding more windows might be the right move for you. If you have a blank exterior wall, this is totally doable. (Or you can make your current windows larger.)

Do you have a single solid door in your kitchen? Let in that light and replace it with a glass door instead! Or have you heard of a transom? Transoms are smaller windows that are installed over the top of a door. They are usually curved to make your doorway seem larger, but you’ve probably guessed what else they do — let in light!

A window directly above the sink is a popular design as it breaks up your cabinet space, gives you a little nook for trinkets or flower/herb pots, and allows for the addition of fun blinds or curtains. Depending on the space, your above-the-sink window might be able to extend beyond just the width of your sink. If you look directly at your sink and notice that the two cabinets that are traditionally installed on either side of your sink are not necessary, envision a bigger window instead. If you don’t have enough room to extend your window above the sink, think about a wider window sill. Or better yet, how about creating a garden window? Garden windows extend out from the house and have a larger shelf for plants, herbs, a watering can, and more.

Do you have a kitchen that does not have any windows and really does not have space to add windows? Think about a skylight or two! (Take note of what we said about adding windows to a space. Adding a skylight to your roof is also a big structural change, and we recommend consulting a professional.)

Do you have a double door that exits from your kitchen or dining room onto a patio or deck? These can easily be replaced and upgraded with a sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors do not have paneled glass and are a solid piece. So not only are they easier to clean, they are also more energy-efficient, let in a ton of sunshine, and actually save you space (no more needing to move furniture around to accommodate a door that opens and closes all the time). Sliding doors also do not break up the view of your natural yard or property, so they really bring the outdoors in.

Customize Your Windows

Remember that even though windows come in standard sizes, they can be customized. Adding one or two narrow windows to your kitchen will bring in more light than that wall that’s currently there. Circular windows are also a great idea for a smaller, more awkward space like the gable end of a house (this is the triangle section of your wall that is formed by the sloping roof). The gable ends of homes are often forgotten, and they are a great way to add more light and creativity to a space.

Get really imaginative and visualize one of the windows in your kitchen or dining room space as — wait for it — a door! Or visualize that door as a huge window or set of windows. (With the caveat that doors are installed for safety evacuation reasons, so that is another thing to check with the professionals. But how cool does a door-sized window sound?)

What Did You Say About Professionals?

While there are extremely creative and handy people in the world, remember you do not need to tackle a home remodel or feature replacement on your own (and many times you shouldn’t). We have convenient locations in DFW, so stop on by, check out the Residential Glass section of our website, or give us a call to discuss your home project.

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