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Sliding glass doors are a beautiful addition to any home or building.

They open up a room, let natural light flood in, allow for a fresh breeze to blow throughout a space, and match a variety of architectural and design options.

In addition, glass doors are extremely easy to clean, are strong and durable, and last for years.

Even though sliding glass doors have a longer lifespan than some other components of a home, there are some key signs that notify you a replacement is needed:

  1. The sliding glass door is not opening or closing smoothly.
  2. The sliding glass door is squeaking or grinding when you open or close the door.
  3. The sliding glass door is letting in a noticeable draft, or you might be noticing gaps.
  4. The sliding glass door has condensation on the interior or between the double-paned glass panels.

Sign #1: The Sliding Glass Door Is Not Opening or Closing Smoothly

Sliding glass doors are made up of a frame, two individual glass door panels, and a set of tracks fitted at the top and bottom so the door panels can move to one side or the other. The tracks serve to keep the doors in line with the frame as they roll back and forth.

Sliding glass doors should slide on the tracks with almost no effort, should create a solid seal when they close, and should lock and unlock easily as well.

If you’re noticing difficulty when opening or closing your sliding glass door, problems with your door slipping off the tracks, or trouble locking or unlocking the door, it might be time for a replacement.

All of these issues above can be caused by heat, humidity, dirt, and moisture. In addition, depending on where the sliding glass door is located, wear and time over time is also a culprit.

The first step in addressing a sliding glass door that is difficult to open or close is to do a deep clean and then check for bent tracks or blockages in the tracks. If that DIY solution does not help, it’s probably time for a repair or replacement.

Sign #2: The Sliding Glass Door Is Squeaking or Grinding When You Open or Close the Door

A sliding glass door in good working condition should open smoothly and effortlessly with no weird sounds. No squeaking, scraping, or grinding should be occurring. If you’re hearing painful noises every time you open or close your sliding glass door, you might have some rust occurring, something might be loose or broken, or there might be some excess dirt buildup.

Similar to the DIY check suggested above, if your sliding glass door is making weird sounds, try cleaning it thoroughly first and checking for issues. If you find rust, something broken or bent, or something misaligned, it could be time for a replacement from a professional service.

Sign #3: The Sliding Glass Door Is Letting in a Noticeable Draft, or You Might Be Noticing Gaps

Sliding glass doors are fantastic at letting natural light stream through a home, but when they are closed, they should not let air, elements, dust, dirt, or pests inside your house.

A well-installed sliding glass door will have a set of airtight seals around the edges to prevent drafts and gaps. If you are noticing a space getting too warm or cool next to a sliding glass door, feel an actual draft, or notice the space around your sliding glass door getting wet, dirty, or moldy, you have a larger issue.

In this situation, it could be the case that the airtight seals around the door might just need to be replaced, or you might need an entirely new setup.

Sign #4: The Sliding Glass Door Has Condensation on the Interior or Between the Double-Paned Glass Panel

On glass doors and windows, condensation build-up on the OUTSIDE is a normally occurring thing, especially in the morning or if you live in an area with extreme shifts in night to daytime temperatures.

Condensation buildup on the INSIDE though or between the glass door double panes is NOT good and is a sign of a problem. Sliding glass doors are double paned for maximum energy efficiency and insulation, so any water inside means something is wrong with the seal.

Water seeping anywhere in a home can cause mildew and mold as well, so if this is happening, you might need a full seal replacement, or the entire panel might need replacing.

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