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It’s fair to say that windows are an important part of your house. The lighting and visibility that a good window provides is invaluable. They allow for airflow. They’re even good for mental health. You need good windows.

For a lot of older homes, antiquated designs make the windows as much a liability as a feature of the home. Leaky and poorly designed windows hurt efficiency and cause no end of trouble in the house. It’s normal to want to upgrade your windows, and when you do, you need quality information to make the best choice.

This guide will cover the most common window choices for any home. We’ll go over the essentials of each option with you so you can make the right decision for your home.

As you read, keep in mind that these are window frame designs. Any of these windows can be double-paned (or triple if need be). They use modern materials and can provide better air sealing and efficiency than older window construction techniques allow.

With all of that in mind, here are the common types of home windows.


Single-hung windows are by far the most common in homes. These are the prototypical windows that you imagine in a house. They’re probably most common in bedrooms, and they consist of two sashes, one placed above the other.

To open these windows, the bottom half (or sash) raises. The top sash doesn’t move, hence the term “single-hung.” These windows are great for natural lighting, airflow, and all of the things you want a window to do.


Double-hung windows look just like single-hung windows at a glance. They serve the same functions and are made in the same typical sizes. The main difference is that both the top and bottom sashes can move in a double-hung window.

This small change makes the window type ideal for a couple of situations. First, double-hung windows create more airflow, which is great for rooms that might get dank or stuffy. They’re very popular in attics for this reason.

The second advantage is that double-hung windows can be cleaned from inside the house — making them ideal for upstairs rooms.


Picture windows are all about the view. These are windows that consist of giant, unobstructed panes of glass. The idea is that you can see expansive views right through the window. They let in tons of natural light, and they allow you to experience outdoor living without having to actually go outside.

Picture windows are common in master suites and living areas. Any house that has a nice view will benefit from a few strategically placed picture windows.


Bay windows are pretty well known. They were massively popular in the ‘90s, and they still have their place today. Bay windows stick out over the side of the house. This design adds a little bit of square footage to the room that has the bay window. The space tends to be quite useful for small storage and seating.

Bay windows are typically curved in their design, which enables them to let a lot of natural light into the room. When they fit the design of a room, they’re amazing.


Slider is a term for any window that opens side to side instead of up and down. For all that the axis shift changes the window, most sliders function a lot like single and double-hung windows. Some sliders can open from either side, but it’s common to only have one moving side.

Slider windows can come in any shape and size, but more often than not, they’re made smaller than the other types of windows on this list. This makes them popular choices for areas with less wall space like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and over kitchen sinks.


Transom windows are probably the most stylish on the list. These are windows that are specifically installed above a door or other window. They are almost always semicircular in their design. The entire point of these windows is to improve aesthetics.

Transom windows allow for interesting architectural designs that look good up close and from afar. Even though these windows specialize in visuals, they do add natural light to the home. With smart design choices, they can make a house more energy-efficient while making everything a little prettier.

These are the six most common types of window homes. If you have specific needs, there are additional niche options that will serve you well. Whatever window is right for your home, you can get that window from Advanced Auto Glass. We will come to you and install your new window professionally in DFW and the surrounding area. You can get all of the benefits of the best new windows when you let us help. Please feel free to reach out to us on our website or by phone.

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