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Auto Glass Repair and Installation Blog

The Key Differences Between OEM and Aftermarket Glass

When the time comes to replace your car windshield, you’re faced with your first difficult decision. Do you choose OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshield or an aftermarket windshield? It’s a tough choice. The decision typically comes down to your insurance...

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How to Identify Faulty Windshield Installation

Your windshield is responsible for keeping both you and your family safe. Windshield installation companies are responsible for the very same, and the slightest mistake made while installing a new windshield could be deadly. If you suspect a faulty windshield,...

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How to Break a Windshield to Escape a Wreck

We hope that no one finds themselves in an emergency which requires them to break the windshield of a car, but if it ever happens, knowing how to properly break a windshield can save your life. Whether your door is struck from a collision or the vehicle is sinking...

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Dealing with an Off-Track Window? Hire an Expert!

Your vehicle’s windows are a portal. Each window allows everyone inside the vehicle to comfortably and safely view the world around them. As a driver, the window to either side protects you from hazards on the road, sun glare, and the elements. On occasion, the window...

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The Untold History of Wheels

So, in honor of the end of another year, we thought we would talk about something that everyone knows but no one ever really talks about: The wheel. We all know that the wheel is considered the greatest invention of mankind, and is responsible for developing...

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So, You’ve Got Ice on Your Windshield….

This winter, stay ahead of the game and prevent ice from developing on your windshield and other auto glass by prepping an ice preventative solution. This ice-blocker is made by mixing three parts white vinegar with one part water, and when sprayed on your glass it...

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