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Auto Glass Repair and Installation Blog

Why Does Window Glass Crack?

Most of us have been there: You go out to your car to head to work in the morning and discover a large crack in the windshield. You're certain it wasn't there yesterday, so where did it come from? It may seem like it simply happened for no reason at all, but there was...

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Windshield Repair vs Replacement

Broken windshields are a part of life. From rocks hitting your windshield on the freeway to normal wear and tear, a broken windshield can happen in many different ways. In addition, the damage done can be a small crack or something more extreme. But no matter what...

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How to Remove Scratches from Auto Glass

Scratches and dings on the windshield and window are common vehicle ailments you’ll encounter as your vehicle ages. With small rocks and pieces of debris flying up off the road, your windshield is most likely to get damaged first. But how do you remove scratches from...

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What to Look for in an Auto Glass Repair Service

If you drive down any block in DFW, you’ll notice an abundance of auto glass repair services. You might be tempted to pull into the first one you see. Take a moment. The auto glass repair or replacement shop you choose may not be the right one. You don’t want to...

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Appropriate Care Guide for a New Windshield

With a brand-new windshield firmly in place, chances are you want to take care of your new glass. After all, we all want to drive safely. Knowing how to care for a new windshield is step number one in windshield replacement. Wait at least an hour to drive the vehicle....

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Should You Buy Used Auto Glass?

We’re all trying to save a bit of money. Maybe you want to take your family on a vacation, or you’re saving up for a new vehicle. But if you try to cut corners to save a few bucks on vehicle maintenance, think twice before buying used auto glass from a local junkyard...

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Your Sunroof is at Risk of Exploding—Seriously!

When you’re buying a new car, chances are you’re mostly in the gas mileage and the car’s reliability. Still, having a sunroof is quite nice, too. The chance to get the wind in your hair without buying a convertible is a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, a recent...

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Windshield Replacement for An Older Vehicle

An older-model vehicle can be tough to repair. A lot of companies don’t make the same parts as they used to, which makes locating a replacement a job in and of itself. Whether you’re driving a ’66 or an ’88, wherever you go, you need a safe vehicle. For that, you need...

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