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Auto Glass Repair and Installation Blog

How to Replace a Sliding Glass Door

Are you ready for a new glass sliding glass door? Old tracks can get damaged and make the door stick when you try to open and close it. Old doors are also known to have major air leaks that make it impossible to keep the place cool in the summer and warm in the...

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Single-Hung vs Double-Hung Windows

Are you looking into upgrading your windows? It can make a world of difference. New windows can make it much easier to cool and heat a home. They can also revitalize the look of a building that has been around a while. They can lower power bills, and in some cases,...

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Bathroom Glass Door vs Shower Curtain

Whether you’re designing your bathroom for the first time or are completing a bathroom remodeling project, you’ll have numerous decisions to make. After you spend hours deciding on what colors you want and what materials to use, you’ll also want to consider what...

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What is Insulated Glass?

Whether you’re replacing your existing residential windows or purchasing windows for a new home under construction, it’s important to understand your glass options. Homeowners are increasingly gravitating toward insulated glass, which provides added thermal protection...

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How Big a Windshield Crack Can Be Repaired?

You're driving down the highway and suddenly, a construction truck coasts into your lane. Before you can make a turn, pieces of debris fly out from the truck and hit your windshield. You inspect your windshield and find a few small cracks. This scenario is all too...

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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Mirror

Whether you’re doing a new build, remodeling, or just adding some life to your home, every bathroom needs a great mirror. As much as we think that vanities, countertops, baths, or showers are the centerpiece of a bathroom, it’s really the mirror. It’s the part of the...

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Sliding Glass Door vs French Door

Every house needs doors, and when you’re thinking about how you want to design yours, there are two options that come to mind more than any others: sliding glass and French doors. For those unfamiliar, French doors are double doors that open on a hinge. They offer a...

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Best Auto Glass Cleaners

Your vehicle needs clean windows. With windows at home, streaks are annoying. On your windshield, they can be dangerous. We’ve all experienced that moment. You’re driving into the sunset, and the direct light ignites every tiny streak on your windshield with a...

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How to Clean Up Broken Car Window Glass Safely

Cars are great. They do so much for us, and these days, they require less maintenance and upkeep than ever before. That said, there are plenty of things that can go wrong with a car, and one of the scariest is blunt physical damage. Cars need windows so you can see,...

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