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Windshield Replacement for An Older VehicleAn older-model vehicle can be tough to repair. A lot of companies don’t make the same parts as they used to, which makes locating a replacement a job in and of itself. Whether you’re driving a ’66 or an ’88, wherever you go, you need a safe vehicle. For that, you need a strong windshield. Where do you find a replacement for an older vehicle, though? We’ll tell you!

Finding a Windshield Replacement

Here at Advanced Glass Systems, we work on all makes and models – no matter the year – to ensure you have the best possible windshield in place.

If you drive a classic car, we’ll help you locate a windshield designed specifically for your make and model of car or truck. However, it’s important to note that tracking down specific windshields can be downright difficult at times. That being said, we’ve done well in the past to find the right windshield for the job.

Installing a Windshield Replacement

Once the proper windshield has been tracked down, or you’ve had a glass pane custom made, you need the best installation. After all, this old vehicle you’re driving today has likely been a significant investment over the years. An amateur installation won’t suffice.

As glass safety standards have changed drastically over the years, purchasing a vintage windshield could compromise your safety. Unfortunately, that means there will be no warranty and the insurance company likely won’t cover the cost. You’ll be paying out of pocket. Therefore, it’s even more important to find professional service to get the job done right.

For top-rated windshield replacement, even on an older vehicle, speak with a local technician from Advanced Glass Systems. We’ll do our best to find a windshield specifically designed or custom-fit to your classic car. Call us at 817-595-3200!

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