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If you ever experience a blinding glare on your windshield, from the sun or other vehicles’ lights, you may be experiencing windshield pitting. If you closely examine your windshield glass, you may see tiny glares, specks, or dents. This means you have tiny imperfections in the glass of your windshield; those glares can cause visual emergencies if you are caught by surprise on the road.


Windshield pitting is caused by small particles flying through the air at high speed and colliding with your windshield glass. Sand, dust, pebbles: all of these can cause micro-damages to your vehicle glass, and over time, these can combine to create a windshield that is hard to see out of due to the glares and imperfections in the glass.


Pitting can cause glares that reflect harsh light off the road or your hood and into your eyes. If you are driving, this attack on your senses can cause an accident. In this case, windshield pitting puts you and your family in danger. Additionally, pitting can cause structural damage to the windshield itself. Weakened glass is a severe safety issue. Any time you begin to notice that you are having trouble seeing through your windshield at night or in bright sunlight, it is time to consult a professional auto glass service company.


In many cases, your auto insurance policy will provide some glass repair or replacement coverage. This is because it is cheaper for the insurance company to pay for a new windshield or a repair, rather than a severe collision down the line. If you need help determining whether your insurance policy will help you replace or repair your windshield, we here at Advanced Auto Glass can help you navigate the paperwork and get the repairs to your vehicle glass that you need. Contact us today!

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