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Windshield Aftercare Following a Recent ReplacementAfter you have your windshield replaced, you need to follow an aftercare regimen to ensure the seal sticks and your new windshield is strong and stable. Knowing how to properly care for your brand-new windshield is the key to protecting your new investment.

After the Windshield Replacement

Your first few hours after a scheduled windshield replacement are crucial.

  • Wait to Drive – First and foremost, it’s important you understand that waiting a while before you drive is a sound decision. To ensure the adhesive has a chance to set and dry, we recommend waiting at least one hour after the work is complete.
  • Keep it Clean – For the next two days, keep the area around your windshield exterior completely clean. Remember: the seal is still drying. Any debris may become caught in the adhesive and loosen the glass pane.
  • Crack a Window – Too much air pressure, which is created when the car is completely enclosed, can put stress on the seal. To reduce this pressure and stress, keep a window cracked at least one inch for the first day.
  • Retention Tape – Do not remove the retention tape, which is designed to hold the windshield moldings in place. It helps to further protect the seal against the weather. The tape must be left in place for at least a day or two.
  • Avoid Car Washes – We all love having a shiny, sparkling clean car. However, visiting a car wash too soon after your new windshield is inserted can damage or shift the glass pane.

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