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Auto Glass Repair ServiceIf you drive down any block in DFW, you’ll notice an abundance of auto glass repair services. You might be tempted to pull into the first one you see. Take a moment. The auto glass repair or replacement shop you choose may not be the right one. You don’t want to endure unsafe or incomplete repairs for the sake of speed or affordability.

Here is what to look for in an auto glass repair service in the city!

Certified Technicians

When researching auto glass repair shops in the area, look for the appropriate certification. You want a shop that holds its technicians to the highest standard possible.

The National Glass Association (NGA) provides certification to trained glass repair professionals who have demonstrated excellence. An NGA certification is a sure sign of quality.

Glass Repair Experience

If you want a safe, high-quality auto glass replacement, then don’t visit a newly opened shop. Find a service provider with experience.

Furthermore, instead of taking your vehicle to a general auto repair shop, as most drivers will, consider finding a specialist who only offers glass repair and replacement.

Insurance Network

Your insurance provider may not have a complete “network” of auto glass repair services. However, they will work with certain companies and shops to ensure your vehicle is road ready. Find an auto repair service provider who will work with your insurance. In that way, you won’t spend more than you need to for high-quality service.

Mobile Services

In some cases, you may not be able to drive your vehicle to the repair shop. After all, driving with a cracked windshield is dangerous. Instead, knowing a mobile repair service in the area can save you time, money, and alleviate any risk.

You’ll find that Advanced Auto Glass meets all of these criteria and more!

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