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Whether you’re building a new house, buying an existing house, or maintaining your home, you sometimes have to think about your windows. Good windows are great for conserving energy, keeping you happy, and making your home function at its best. Bad windows are problems on top of problems. One way or another, you want to have good windows, and getting there requires some learning. That’s why we’re going to spend a minute teaching you about double-hung windows. They are immensely popular, good windows, and it’s worth knowing more about them before you start thinking about installing or upgrading any windows for your home.

The Essentials of the Double-Hung Window

Double-hung windows are a standard type of window seen in residential construction. They can be put on commercial construction too, but they’re an aesthetically pleasing, functional window that you’re more likely to see on a house or high-end apartment.

The essence of a double-hung window is that both sashes can move. The traditional single-hung window has two sashes, but only the bottom sash goes up or down. The top sash is always static. With a double-hung window, that isn’t the case. The top and bottom halves of the window can move freely. They can both tilt and open. This allows you to have more freedom with your ventilation and circulation, and it creates some interesting pros and cons that come with the window design.

Pros of Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are sought after, and they are one of the most common window upgrades in the country. That’s because of all of the great things they bring to the table.

The first is better ventilation. When you can open the top and bottom of the window, you can create circular airflow. This is much better for venting a room — especially a bathroom with a lot of steam or moisture in it. The improved ventilation can help prevent mold and other things from growing, which is all pretty nice.

Double-hung windows are also much easier to maintain. Since you can open both halves of the window, you can access all of the glass from inside the house. You can imagine how nice this is for upper-floor windows. You don’t need a tall ladder just to clean the windows. Instead, open them and clean them from the inside. The same can be said for maintenance. Everything is accessible without stepping outdoors.

Another benefit to this window style is security. Since the window opens in two places, it also locks in two places. Double locking changes the stress points on the window, and it makes it a lot harder to break in through it. It’s still made of glass, but every extra measure of security is nice.

On top of all of that, double-hung windows tend to have stronger frames. They have more moving points, and that requires the glass to be more carefully secured. The result is a stronger frame that lasts longer.

Lastly, these windows are available in more styles and colors. They’re often considered higher-end windows, so they cater more to custom design options that look great.

Cons of Double-Hung Windows

There’s a reason that single-hung windows are still incredibly common. That reason mostly boils down to cost. Double-hung windows, on average, cost 20%–50% more than their single-hung counterparts. When you multiply that by the number of windows in a building, you can see why so many people opt for saving money. It’s especially true for new construction. Contractors find that this is an easy way to cut costs on a new house.

Another issue with double-hung windows is maintenance. They’re definitely easier to maintain, but they require a little more. Basically, adding moving parts to the system makes it more complicated, and that creates an additional point of failure. Since there are more things that can go wrong, you need to keep up with a little more maintenance to keep everything working at its best.

The Bottom Line

Here’s the gist of everything. Double-hung windows are generally thought of as the higher value and classier windows. They certainly cost more to purchase and install, and in some ways, they might save you money over the long run. Still, the primary reason to get them is that they’re quality windows that provide the look and function that you want.

If any of that sounds good, then you might want access to pros who can help you find and install the windows that you like. That’s why you should contact Advanced Auto Glass. Don’t let the name fool you. We’re experts in all things related to windows. We can show you a selection of double-hung windows, and once you pick out what you like, we’ll professionally install them in your Dallas/Fort Worth home.

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