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Regulations make Business Behave

The auto glass industry is something that everyone relies on every day, even if they do not realize it. If you have a car, or any other personal passenger or cargo vehicle, you rely on auto glass professionals. They created your auto glass, and if it becomes damaged, you rely on them to remedy the situation. Even if you do not own a vehicle of your own, do you ride with others? Do you carpool, or use public transit?

You still need the auto glass industry.

We rely on vehicles to get us where we need to go, yes; but included in that package is the implication of safety. Your vehicle must keep you protected from wind, rain, hail, and debris on the road. Now, for the scary.

Story Time!

Imagine, for a moment, that your windshield was improperly repaired, and a hailstorm came along.

Your windshield could be gone, and your vehicle’s interior will sustain water damage, as well as impact damage.

Let’s not even get into the nightmare of – “What if I, and my family, was in the car in that storm?”

It’s too horrific to contemplate.

So, the auto glass industry has standards, right?

the auto glass industry has standards

Generally speaking, yes. Auto glass professionals are expected to know how to repair or replace windshields on a variety of makes and models, and do so quickly and without error.

The problem is that there is no over-reaching regulation. There is no Department of Auto Glass Services that issues official statements and requirements that auto glass professionals must adhere to, in order to ensure consumer protection and quality assurance.

Essentially, every company is expected to just do the best they can, without any sort of industry guidelines or methods to enforce compliance.

This means there is no real industry penalty or recourse if an auto glass company does shoddy work or, by incorrect practices, causes the consumer harm. This becomes a terrifying situation the more you think about it.

How do you ensure you use a reputable company, if there are no regulating organizations?


Essentially, the consumer who seeks a perfect auto glass company needs to do a bit of research. Using a locally-owned company is generally best, as the owners are members of your community. They know the responsibility on their shoulders, and they will generally provide quality work for a reasonable price, to keep their community safe.

There are also reviews and reports that can assist you in your decision. Prior customer testimonials can tell you a lot about a company. Sometimes, while there is no industry regulation, a reputable auto glass company will seek other commendations and certifications, like from the Better Business Bureau, to prove to their potential customers that they are the real deal in their industry.

Finally, go with your gut. Intuition has its place in situations like this. Most people can tell if something is too good to be true, or seems “off” in some way. Your hunch may be your hint that this company may not be the best fit for your situation.

So, what now?

Thankfully, you’re a knowledgeable, conscientious auto-owner. You’ve sought out information that many people do not even know exists. You’ve come to this blog with the intent of bettering yourself, and ensuring your safety. Advanced Auto Glass understands your concerns and knows the value of reputation and quality in an unregulated industry. If you need auto glass repair or replacement, now you know where to go, and who to call.

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