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Buy Used Auto GlassWe’re all trying to save a bit of money. Maybe you want to take your family on a vacation, or you’re saving up for a new vehicle. But if you try to cut corners to save a few bucks on vehicle maintenance, think twice before buying used auto glass from a local junkyard or garage. Buying a used windshield or side window for your car could put your safety at risk.

Insurance May Pay for a Windshield

If you need a new windshield, consider your auto insurance first. You have insurance for a reason, after all. Most insurance policies will pay for a new windshield. Even better, filing a claim for a new windshield likely won’t raise your rates. It’s like getting a free repair or replacement.

Call your insurance agent and ask them about a windshield replacement. Chances are high that your insurance company wants you safe on the road. Your safety means their savings, so it makes sense that they’ll help.

Windshields Take Damage When Removed

It’s important to remember that a windshield will take some damage when being removed from the frame. It’s common knowledge that installing a windshield is tough. But removing one can be just as difficult, which most people don’t realize.

Windshield installers use special sealants and adhesives to ensure the windshield remains in place. It’s strong, believe us. When you try to remove that sealant and the windshield, it’s likely to remove a chunk of the glass or leave it cracked or chipped in the process.

The point is, you should always opt for brand-new auto glass when replacing any windshield or side window on your vehicle. It’s a matter of safety and security.

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