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#1 Auto Glass & windshield Repair & Replacement Service Granbury, TX

Windshield repair company in Granbury Texas There are many reasons why we offer affordable and quality windshield replacement services in Granbury. Have you noticed a crack, ding, or nick in one of your windshields? It may seem like no big deal; you may feel like it is just a nuisance, but you could be mistaken. Not only do cracks and dings in glass easily spread, making even more damage to what you need in order to see the road, but it can also put you in danger. Your windshields are there to protect you from the elements: dirt and rocks from the roads, hail, tree branches, and rain. The windshields are what sit between you and those things that can harm you. One small crack can mean the difference between safety and a tragedy. Advanced Auto Glass is here to prevent that problem early, as well as similar solutions for residential glass needs.

Auto Glass Services in Granbury TX

We offer more than just windshield replacement services.  Learn more by visiting any of our service pages below.

Residential Glass Services in Granbury

Advanced Auto Glass specializes in windshield replacement, but there are many more services we can offer the Granbury community. We can also handle replacing any glass fixture and feature inside of your home. We can handle mirrors, sliding glass doors, skylights, and much more. Our technicians are courteous and professional, always have the utmost respect for our customers and their home. You don’t ever have to worry about a bad installation or a mess we don’t clean up.

Windshield Replacement and Repair

A broken windshield is a safety hazard. Even a slight crack across the windshield may distort your vision and lead to reckless driving. Windshield cracks or total breaks should be repaired or replaced promptly. At Advanced Auto Glass, we provide windshield replacement and repair in Granbury, TX, to make life easier for you!

Poor driving conditions, such as harsh weather, may damage your windshield over time. It takes just one projectile, such as a rock or piece of debris, to crack the windshield entirely. Whether the damage is minor or significant, scheduling prompt repairs, or a complete replacement, requires expertise. Our team, for the past 28 years, have repaired and replaced vehicle windshields to promote safe driving. You may know this but a small chip in the windshield can easily spiderweb into much worse damage. When that happens, your line of sight is directly affected. Using a durable resin, we’ll fill in the crack and you won’t notice any damage ever occurred!

Excellent Customer Service

When you contact us at 817-589-7702, our customer service representatives will be ready to answer all questions you have about our prices and services. You can be sure that when you talk to a member of our friendly staff that you will be satisfied and feel like you are a part of the Advanced Auto Glass family. Our reps go through intensive training and are handpicked to represent our company because we know what you are looking for.

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