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Auto Windshield Replacement Process

If you have ever been curious about how auto glass experts replace a broken auto windshield, then you’re in luck. To start the year off right, we are detailing the entire auto windshield replacement process for vehicle owners. Our experts utilize efficient techniques and the best tools to repair and replace windshields each day. Now, you can see the work we put in


First, we must prepare your vehicle for its new windshield pane. We start by covering the hood and seats to protect them during the repair process. Then, we remove the trim around the existing pane, which is holding the windshield in place. It’s like removing caulk.

Removing the Windshield

Next, with the trim completely removed from the vehicle, we can lift out the windshield. Typically, large suction cups with handles are attached to the outside edges of the glass. The pane is then popped from its place, and great care is taken to ensure it does not shatter.

Cleaning and Further Preparation

With the old, broken windshield safely removed from the vehicle, it’s time to clean and prepare the pinch weld. A pinch weld is a small gap between the windshield and the vehicle itself. It holds or pinches the windshield in place. Over time, old urethane, dirt, and dust gather inside the pinch weld.


Once the pinch weld is completely clean, our technicians apply fresh urethane around the edges. This substance acts as a glue or strong adhesive to hold the new windshield in place.


Finally, the last step in the windshield replacement process. With all preparation and cleaning work complete, we insert the new windshield. The pane is carefully fitted over the opening of the vehicle. The glass is shifted just perfectly so it is within the pinch weld. Once positioned, it is gently pushed into place using suction cups and bars. Then, the technician holds it for a few minutes to let the adhesive do its job.

There you have it! That is the auto windshield replacement process we use at Advanced Glass Systems. Schedule service today by calling (817) 595-3200!

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