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This winter, stay ahead of the game and prevent ice from developing on your windshield and other auto glass by prepping an ice preventative solution. This ice-blocker is made by mixing three parts white vinegar with one part water, and when sprayed on your glass it will keep ice from developing. However, take care to use this solution only on the glass, as prolonged contact with painted surfaces can remove the protective wax coating and damage your paint job. While this mixture is sometimes recommended for removing ice, it is far more efficient at preventing ice and frost buildup in the first place. Choose another method for removing ice.

If you’ve already got ice on your auto glass, don’t follow the crowd. Boiling water poured over the ice will for sure remove the buildup, but it can also crack your glass from the sudden change in temperature. The safest method, although it is one of those that requires patience, is to simply turn on your vehicle and let your defroster warm the glass and melt the ice. Once the ice is beginning to loosen, dislodge chunks with an ice scraper.

You can also make your own de-icing solution by combining two parts of 70% isopropyl/rubbing alcohol with one part water. You can also add a few drops of your favorite dish detergent. Swirl gently to combine, and spray over the ice. Give it a few seconds to a few minutes, and then remove the ice with a scraper. Keep a bottle in your car, and one in your home, and you’ll always be prepared.

Win winter this year, and drive safely!

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