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How to Safely Soundproof a WindowOne of the drawbacks of living in the city is the constant reminder that other people are around. You may hear sirens and horns honking all day long. Even in relatively quiet areas, loud neighbors or the announcers at the local football game can be annoying when you hear them while relaxing inside your home. If you want to cut down on the noises from outside, you can soundproof your windows so that you can relax more while you’re in your home.

Repair or Replace Cracks in the Glass

Examine all the windows in your home. If you have even a tiny hole in a window, it can allow in a lot of noise. You might find that taking care of cracks and holes in the glass provides the amount of noise protection you need.

Sealing Off Gaps

Sealing any gaps around your windows can provide a significant amount of noise reduction. To seal off the gaps, you can use window foam, caulk, or acoustic sealant. You can also use soundproof foam, tape, and insulation to cover the areas between the window and the frame to cut down on noise pollution.

Replace Single Pane Windows

If you have a home that’s more than 15 years old, you may have the original single-paned glass in all your windows. Newer homes usually have double-pane windows, which have a layer of air between the panes. These provide better insulation from the elements and excessive noise. Replacing windows is less expensive than people realize and offers immediate advantages, including raising the value of your home.

Install Window Inserts

Window inserts can provide some of the best protection from loud neighborhood noises, such as beeping horns, thumping stereos, and shouting neighbors. The best window inserts are made of laminated glass and placed about five inches in front of the window, on the inside. The inserts are thick, with layers of glass on the outside and a layer of plastic inside. That leaves an air space between the glass and the insert, which keeps noise from getting through. Window inserts can be better for noise-reduction than thicker and multi-paned windows.

Use Noise-Reducing Curtains

Sound-dampening curtains and blackout drapes are thicker, heavier curtains that can reduce both noise and light while also helping with insulation, and they are one of the most cost-effective ways to accomplish all those goals. Instead of eliminating sound, curtains can dampen it, so they are most helpful for lighter noises like footsteps and sounds from nature.

There are other ways to help block out external noise, such as making the walls more soundproof or using a noise machine while you sleep. If you want to make your home more attractive while also adding insulation for sound and weather, you can replace your windows with extra-paned windows that add value to your home. Whether you need to replace or soundproof a window, install a new skylight, or repair a window, Advanced Auto Glass has experience with all the different options and can help you decide the best one for your home. Reach us online or by phone at 817-595-3200.

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