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How to Identify Faulty Windshield InstallationYour windshield is responsible for keeping both you and your family safe. Windshield installation companies are responsible for the very same, and the slightest mistake made while installing a new windshield could be deadly. If you suspect a faulty windshield, immediately seek a second opinion. There are technicians available in your area who can assess your windshield and make necessary adjustments, but first, here is how to identify a faulty windshield installation.

The Windshield Isn’t Flush

By flush, we mean the windshield does not align perfectly with the vehicle’s frame. If a windshield technician does not install the new windshield flush to the frame, they are likely installing the wrong windshield for your vehicle. The only solution is to order a new windshield.

Unfortunately, many companies will try to sell you a used windshield. It’s a common practice to save the company money. You need to insist on a brand-new windshield designed specifically for your car or truck.

Messy Molding

The easiest way to determine if your recent windshield installation was amateur is by examining the molding. If the molding is messy, it’s a rush job. Any technician worth their weight will ensure clean, professional-looking molding. It shows pride in one’s job.

If the molding around your current windshield is bumpy or out of line, it’s likely because of poor installation.

Water Leaking Around the Edges

If your new windshield did not seal properly, water can leak around the frame. A poor seal is not only annoying but often dangerous.

If the water drips through the edge of the window, you need to find a replacement immediately. If you wind up in a wreck, that windshield will not protect you. It is liable to fly off or inward on impact.

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