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How to Break a Windshield to Escape a WreckWe hope that no one finds themselves in an emergency which requires them to break the windshield of a car, but if it ever happens, knowing how to properly break a windshield can save your life. Whether your door is struck from a collision or the vehicle is sinking into water, breaking the windshield can mean life and death. It’s not so easy, though. Auto glass is meant to last. It was designed to protect the driver from accidents and flying debris. You need to put some strength into physically breaking a windshield. But it can happen. You just need the right technique.

Car Hammer

If you have available funds one month, consider investing in a car hammer. Also known as an escape hammer, a car hammer is a relatively inexpensive tool designed to shatter your car’s windshield with minimal force behind the swing. You can typically find a car hammer at local hardware store or superstore. These days, most car hammers are even equipped with a seatbelt cutter for emergencies, too.


If you have nothing else in your vehicle to use as a hammer, such as blunt object, consider kicking out the window. Do not try to kick out a door window, though. These windows are in slots, making it nearly impossible to kick and break the glass. Instead, focus your efforts on the windshield. Put as much force as possible into your kick, give it two or three direct hits, then watch as the glass shatters away.


If all else fails, you can remove your headrest from its position in the seat. Lodge the headrest peg into the bottom of the side window, then give it a good slam. The peg itself will forcefully cause the glass to expand and shatter. This particular method works best for side windows, not the windshield itself.

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