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Remove Scratches from Auto GlassScratches and dings on the windshield and window are common vehicle ailments you’ll encounter as your vehicle ages. With small rocks and pieces of debris flying up off the road, your windshield is most likely to get damaged first. But how do you remove scratches from auto glass? It’s easier than you may think.

Scratch Removal Tools

First, you’ll need a few tools if you want to fix scratches on your own:

  • Auto Repair Kit
  • Rubbing Compound
  • Water Hose
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Soft Cloth

Most of these items can be purchased at any home improvement or auto supply store in your hometown. If you don’t want the hassle or are not comfortable with the task, remember that you can hire a professional for auto glass repair.

Step-by-Step Auto Glass Scratch Removal

Step 1: Clean the Window

Using your water hose and a soft cloth, do your best to clean any dirt or debris from the windshield or window. Avoid aggravating the scratches by using light to moderate water pressure.

Step 2: Check Scratch Depth

Rub your fingernail gently along the surface of the scratch. If the nail becomes caught, it’s a deep scratch or crack.

Step 3: Rubbing Compound

Gently rub a little bit of rubbing compound over the scratch. Your goal is to cover the entire area. However, do not apply excess pressure, or you’ll risk further damage.

Step 4: Clean and Dry

With the rubbing compound in place and any excess cleaned off, use the water hose to rinse the window. Then, use a glass cleaner — there’s probably one in your auto glass repair kit — and apply it to the area. Clean the entire window, rinse it once more, then let it dry.

If you’re unsure of your abilities or want the job done right the first time, contact Advanced Auto Glass for windshield repair. You can reach us at 817-595-3200.

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