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Windshield Wipers Scratch the WindshieldNo matter where you live, it’s bound to rain or snow at some point. Then, those windshield wipers you so often forget about will come in handy. But if your windshield wipers have seen better days – they’re noticeable damaged or poor quality – you’re liable to scratch your windshield. The resulting damage from a bad windshield wiper can create scrapes and nicks in the glass.

Windshield Wiper Damage

Why do windshield wipers cause such damage to your glass windshield? Today’s wiper blades are designed with a thin strip of metal inside of the blade, which is tucked underneath a piece of rubber. If the rubber is torn or breaks off completely, only the metal is left behind. When you activate the windshield wipers, it is this piece of metal that is scraping across the glass with each movement. The scratches on the windshield are distracting, reflect sunlight and headlight beams, channel water, and lead to premature wear for new wiper blades and your windshield as a whole.

In many cases, when the scratches are relatively minor, it is possible to polish the damage out of the glass. The process is intricate and can lead to warping or distortion if not performed correctly. As such, you’ll want a professional windshield repair service to handle the job.

Replacing or Repairing the Windshield

Often, a quick inspection from a glass repair technician is all you need to determine the best course of action. Whether you need to replace or repair the windshield depends on the damage to the glass. If there is nothing but small scrapes and scratches, the technicians can repair the glass. For deep cuts or extensive surface damage, replacement is your best option.

If you notice your windshield wipers are causing damage to the windshield, have them replaced immediately. To properly address the damage to the glass, contact Advanced Glass Systems at 972-869-9033.

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