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Can Broken Glass PreventIs there anything worse than a hot summer day and a broken car window? We know the feeling. You just want to roll down your side window, enjoy the cool breeze on your skin, and enjoy your drive for the afternoon. But window damage or broken glass prevents it. Even the smallest chip or crack can prevent you from opening or closing the window. It’s something you must deal with promptly.

Identifying a Broken Window

If you don’t notice any visible damage on the windowpane, it’s likely a problem below the framework. You’ll have a tough time diagnosing the problem without a professional. But here are a few notes to consider:

  • If you notice a scraping sound when the window rolls up or down, it’s likely a tiny chip moving along the metal frame. Once the chip is tightly lodged between the window and frame, it is nearly impossible to remove.
  • If the window stops midway, a piece of glass could be lodged or the glass is off its track. If you notice the frame is still in good shape, then the fix is easy. A technician can realign the window in an afternoon.
  • If the glass tilts as you open or close it, then the bottom piece is likely broken in half. The entire pane will need to be replaced before long.

Replacing a Broken Window

Besides the discomfort of keeping your window down or up at all times, it’s a drain on your money as you waste the air conditioning system on the great outdoors. Plus, a broken window – even a side window – is a serious safety hazard.

Thankfully, replacing a broken window is simple. In fact, your insurance company might even handle the cost of the replacement.

For professional window replacement, look no further than Advanced Auto Glass. When you call 972-869-9033, we’ll send a technician over promptly!

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