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Auto Glass CleanersYour vehicle needs clean windows. With windows at home, streaks are annoying. On your windshield, they can be dangerous. We’ve all experienced that moment. You’re driving into the sunset, and the direct light ignites every tiny streak on your windshield with a blinding light. Even with great sunglasses, it’s hard to see through that, and driving while squinting is not exactly ideal.

You need good glass cleaners that can prevent this problem. We’ve done the homework and looked at all of the most popular cleaners in the business today. Here are the 5 best auto glass cleaners you can find.

Stoner Invisible Glass Cleaner

Usually, you can ask a hundred people what the best of a certain kind of product is, and you’ll get a hundred answers. With auto glass cleaner, you’ll get the same answer over and over. That answer is Stoner Invisible Glass. It comes in a mister or a no-drip foam. It’s amazing at cleaning rough stuff like salt spray, but as the name implies, it’s invisible when you’re done. In terms of a strong clean and a clear finish, this is the best you’re going to find. Invisible Glass Cleaner is the standard to which all other products are compared.


The handful of people who don’t immediately endorse Stoner will instead tell you that Sprayway is the best. When they do, the Invisible Glass lovers will nod and concede that it’s a great option. Sprayway is the top glass cleaning product on Amazon, and when you step away from auto glass, it’s the beloved champion. It also leaves a perfectly clean finish. It cuts through road grime pretty well, but you’ll have to spray a normal amount of cleaner to get the job done. That’s the tiny margin by which Stoner wins the battle — it requires a little less spray to clean your windshield.


The third cleaner that gets wide agreement and praise is TriNova. The premium cleaner is impressive and popular, specifically in use for auto glass. It’s another that’s great at cutting through crime and smears on the windshield (or other windows). It leaves a very clean finish. In fact, it’s safe to say that this holds up just fine to the top two entries. Its drawback is that it costs a little more than the other two. That’s the only reason it’s loved a little less. Otherwise, it’s still easily a great choice for cleaning your vehicle’s windows.


Meguiar’s is a trusted brand in auto care in general. It’s no surprise that their auto glass cleaner lives up to the brand name. It’s a safe formula that won’t damage anything on your car, and it adds dust repellant to the mix. The other cleaners don’t all claim to do the same, which makes this cleaner stand out in an extremely competitive field. The ability to clean is not what keeps this from being the best auto glass cleaner on the market. Your windshield will be pristine. What holds back this cleaner is the strong industrial smell. The other cleaners work as well, but they smell better in the process.

3M Glass Cleaner

3M is a trusted brand in many respects. If you have to name a company that could protect glass or other valuable surfaces, 3M might come to mind. In fact, it’s their thing. That’s why they made this spray. It’s a no-drip foam that is easy to use, and it cuts through the gross stuff just like everything else on this list. It doesn’t leave and streaks. In fact, it will dazzle you. You would think it’s the best cleaner ever made if it weren’t for these other amazing products competing with it. 3M gets the job done. Whether or not it’s the very best value on the market is hard to say. But if you end up with this cleaner instead of one of the others, your auto glass will be in great shape.

When you keep your auto glass clean, you also tend to protect it. Still, there are times when the glass needs more than an active spray or foam. When you need real glass repair or replacement, Advanced Auto Glass has you covered. We’ve been serving the Dallas–Fort Worth area for years, and we’ll be happy to take care of your vehicle too. Give us a call to schedule an appointment or to ask questions. We’ll be glad to hear from you.

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