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Bay vs Bow WindowWindows make the room. They provide views, natural light and a sense of completion. When you want a room in your home to be extraordinary, you have to think carefully about your options. That process leads a lot of people to bay and bow windows. You’ve seen both plenty of times, but how well do you understand their differences? Today, all of your confusion is going to disappear. We’re going to dive all the way into this topic and really get to know bay and bow windows.

Bay Windows

The name is a little misleading because a bay window is actually three windows. To be specific, it’s three (sometimes more) windows that meet at an angle and jut into the exterior of the home. The protruding design increases interior space and improves the total light and view accessible from the window.

Typically, all three windows in the bay formation can be opened, which is great for ventilation. That’s why they were at their most popular before air conditioning was invented. Today, bay windows tend to be a modern homage to the Victorian style.

Pros of Bay Windows

The angular structure of bay windows makes them noticeably superior in a few respects. For starters, the frame is sturdier. This allows it to extend farther into the exterior, which creates more extra square footage than is available with a bow design.

Bay windows are also more modern than bow windows. If you aren’t going for authentic Victorian design, the bay option is likely to look better and not feel out of place.

Cons of Bay Windows

The boxy structure might be strong, but it limits where and how the bay window can be installed. Bay windows can’t touch the corner of a room. They also don’t do well on the ground floor if they will extend into a sidewalk, parking space or any outdoor obstruction.

Bay windows are also less customizable than bow windows. By all means, you can get custom bay windows, but the angular structure is limiting in what kinds of designs and individual options it allows.

Bow Windows

The two window types have a lot in common. Like the bay window, a bow window is actually a group of joined windows. In this case, the formation will include three, four, five or six separate windows in a curved formation.

Where bay windows tend to be designed in homage to the Victorian style, bow windows are transplants. Like Roman columns or gothic roof lines, bow windows are the real thing, although they’re still used plenty today.

To be technical, a bow window frame should be curved, and the windows that fill the frame are all customized to match the window curve. Still, the bow window extends past the interior wall and increases internal square footage for the room.

Pros of Bow Windows

Bow windows are made up of more windows and they meet at soft angles. This allows bow windows to provide a lot more surface area for the window. They let in much more light than bay windows, and the bow design gives you more space to enjoy a great view. In fact, this is the primary motivation for choosing a bow window.

Bow windows are also more customizable. They can wrap around a corner which creates some incredible aesthetic options. They also can be done in so many styles that most people are able to customize a bow window to their exact desires.

Cons of Bow Windows

The first con is the biggest. Bow windows are much more expensive than bay windows. The bow design is more complicated. This makes it more expensive to build and to install. For two windows the same size, bow windows can easily add a thousand or more dollars to the total cost.

Despite the fact that bow windows have more glass real estate, they frequently offer fewer openings than bay windows, and bow windows are consequently less suited for creating ventilation.

While bay and bow windows have their differences, they are two amazing choices for creating a focal point in any room. If you can pair them with a good view, then they will be at their best. Regardless of which ends up being the right window for your home, you want reliable options when it comes to installing your window. Advanced Auto Glass can provide you with all of those options. We’ve been installing custom windows for years, and we can make your latest addition to the house something that makes you smile.

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