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Richland Hills Best Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

When a foreign object strikes your window, even something as small as a stone, small bits of glass are thrown around. That little chip may not be immediately noticeable, but over time the crack will increase in size and severity. It is best to schedule auto glass repair & replacement in Richland Hills, TX, early for the best results.

Windshield Repair

At Advanced Auto Glass, we use innovative windshield repair technology to remove the air from the glass and replace the chip with a durable resin. Our resin sets to produce a windshield that is as strong, if not stronger than the original.

However, windshield repair is only a possibility of the outer layer of the laminated windshield glass is damaged.
Some benefits of professional windshield repair in Richland Hills, TX, includes:

  • No wait times – Windshield repairs are fast. You will be able to wash your car, drive it in the rain, and more almost immediately!
  • Drive – Once we complete the repair process, your car is ready for the road once more!
  • Permanent – Our windshield repair process is a permanent solution.
We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results of our repairs!

Residential Glass

Despite our catchy name, Advanced Auto Glass provides further glass services beyond simple windshield repairs. Our experienced team can also handle residential glass repair and replacement.

Residential windows and glass fixtures in your home were designed for more than just viewing the outdoors. Sturdy windows help protect your home from wind, rain, and intruders. As such, the glass should be durable enough to withstand some damage. Over time, windows weaken. If your home is older, we recommend window replacements soon!

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For prompt auto glass repair & replacement in Richland Hills, TX, contact Advanced Auto Glass by calling (817) 595-3200. We guarantee our service and stand by our quality craftsmanship!

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