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Care Guide for New WindshieldWith a brand-new windshield firmly in place, chances are you want to take care of your new glass. After all, we all want to drive safely. Knowing how to care for a new windshield is step number one in windshield replacement.

  • Wait at least an hour to drive the vehicle.
  • Keep a window cracked while driving.
  • Do not remove the retention tape.
  • Avoid cash washes and power washers.

The First Hour After Installing a New Windshield

The first hour after a new windshield installation is critical. The technician will use an adhesive to hold the glass in place and create a waterproof seal. This adhesive requires at least one hour to set and dry.

As a safety precaution, remember to check for shards of glass from your previous windshield. Technicians do their best to clean up any glass left behind, but some fragments can fall by the wayside.

Two Days After a Windshield Replacement

You still must take certain precautions within 48 hours.

  • While the seal is drying, do not allow anything to stick or press against the glass. Do not place a cover over the vehicle, for example.
  • Any extra air pressure may cause undue stress on the seal and adhesive. It’s best to drive with a window down at least one-inch for the first day.
  • Wait for a day or two after the windshield installation before you remove the retention tape.
  • Do not slam your car doors and avoid driving in poor conditions over excessive potholes for the first two days. Jarring movements can loosen the seal and put you at risk while driving.

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