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Perfect Bathroom MirrorWhether you’re doing a new build, remodeling, or just adding some life to your home, every bathroom needs a great mirror. As much as we think that vanities, countertops, baths, or showers are the centerpiece of a bathroom, it’s really the mirror. It’s the part of the bathroom you’ll look at the most, and if it’s anything less than spectacular, it’s a missed opportunity. Choosing a mirror isn’t rocket science, but a few tips can still go a long way to help you through the process. These 5 tips will help you turn your bathroom mirror into the final component of a bathroom masterpiece.

Pick a Number

It’s traditional to have one central mirror in a bathroom, but modern styles allow for new looks. The two-mirror aesthetic has really caught on. The simplest form of it is to have a mirror for each vanity or sink. That’s pretty logical, but it’s not the only option. You can center a mirror on a single vanity and have a second to even out the wall space.

If you’re feeling extra creative and modern, you can experiment with more than two mirrors. There’s no convention when you go this route, so you’ll have to figure out exactly how you want it to go. It’s your bathroom, so have a little fun with it and come up with something truly original.

Then Pick a Size

You have to know how many mirrors you’re using before you can pick mirror size. It’s just math. You have limited space for the mirror(s), and that limitation is largely going to determine how big your mirror(s) are. Here are a few guidelines to help you with this decision.

In general, the wall above the vanity is for the mirror. If there’s extra wall space, covering it with an oversized mirror doesn’t usually look good. The exception is when you go big enough to cover the vanity wall and another portion of the bathroom, like the toilet wall. Going smaller than the vanity is fine, as long as the mirror is large enough to fulfill its function.

To simplify, you can let the vanity determine how much space you have for your mirror and go from there.

Choose a Shape

When you know how your mirrors are covering the wall space, you can pick a shape. This is the last fundamental choice regarding the mirror itself. Mirrors come in many shapes, from squares and rectangles to circles and ovals. Less frequently, you can find nonstandard shapes, but those four are the bread and butter.

The shape of the mirror determines how it will look on the wall. You can use the next two tips to accent the mirror and fully tie the piece to the bathroom.

Consider Lighting

Mirrors and light work together in concert. There are a lot of possibilities when considering mirrors and lighting, and one of the most common is to incorporate sconces. This choice might lead you to pick a mirror that is not as wide as the vanity. That extra space on each side can hold a sconce and create a nice aesthetic.

You have plenty of other options though. LED mirror lighting is new and popular. The mirror can have an LED frame, a backlight, or a number of other implementations. There are mirrors with touch buttons that control the lighting and lighting within the mirror interior. The options are vast, and you can have fun exploring them.

Find the Perfect Frame

Mirrors can be framed or unframed, but getting a frame opens up mountains of additional options. As a general rule, undersized mirrors are framed (and can be used to amazing effect with multiple mirrors), while oversized mirrors are not framed. There’s an exception to every rule, but you’ll have to determine for yourself whether your bathroom really is the exception. Ultimately, you can explore frame options for hours to find exactly what you want, and as long as you’re having fun, that’s exactly what you should do.

Picking the perfect mirror is a great feeling. What’s not so great is when that perfect bathroom accessory shatters. If that happens, don’t worry — you don’t have to throw the whole thing away. At Advanced Auto Glass, we’re experts at replacing all types of glass, and that includes mirror glass. Contact us today to learn more about our residential glass replacement services for residents of Fort Worth and the surrounding cities.

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