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Do you need fast and reliable auto glass repair or replacement service? Are you a homeowner looking to update the look and feel of your home with a luxurious touch of glass doors, mirrors, and other interiors? Are you a business owner with specific glass needs to improve your business? AGS is a locally owned and operated business, providing professional and specialized glass services to North Texas since 1989.

Contact us today to find out more about our 24-hour emergency service for commercial and residential glass service. Also, find out more about how we can help you save time and money by fixing minor auto glass damage that can be mended before it spreads into a bigger problem.

AGS wants to help you understand our glass products better…

Insulating (thermo) Glass units consist of two lites of glass enclosing a hermetically sealed air space. The lites are held apart by a spacer around the entire perimeter. The spacer contains a moisture-absorbent material called a desiccant that serves to keep the enclosed air free of moisture. The entire perimeter of the assembly is sealed with one or more sealants.

There are two basic types of coated glass: solar control (Reflective) and low-emissivity (Low-E). The major differences are visible light transmission, UV, visibility, and near infrared wavelengths of energy that are reflected and the directions in which these wavelengths are usually reflected. All Low-E coatings reflect the radiant heat given off by an electric coil-type heater, as well as the heat that comes from a hot air register.

Laminated glass is two or more lites of glass and one or more interlayers of Plasticized Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) permanently bonded together under heat and pressure. It provides performance benefits in architectural applications. Its most important characteristic is the ability of the interlayer to support and hold the glass when broken. This provides for increased protection against fallout and penetration of the opening.

Tempered glass is generally four times stronger than annealed glass. When broken, fully tempered glass usually breaks into a multitude of small fragments. It is used in side and rear vehicle glass and safety glazing locations such as entrance doors and side lites.

Reflective Films: Organic coatings on reflective films can be applied to existing in-place glass to provide some reduction in solar heat gain or glare. They are generally a tinted or metalized polyester adhesive-coated film. These coatings not only reflect but also absorb solar energy. Usually these films are applied to glass that is already installed.

Burglar-Resisting Glass typically consists of two lites of glass bonded by a plastic interlayer, which is resistant to penetration.

Bullet-Resisting Glass is available in "all glass" configurations or in glass-clad polycarbonate make-ups. The thickness and configuration of the product will determine the ballistic protection.